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Our Rooms



This is a lovely room with an en-suite kitchen and spacious play room which holds 12 children. This unit is set up to enhance your baby's development through plenty of staff interaction, free play and lots of love and cuddles. There are 6 members of staff working in this room doing various shifts to support their own key children and the room. 

The room has neutral wall providing a calming and relaxing environment alongside lots of natural resources such as treasure baskets, wooden blocks & lots of sensory play. The staff plan the room and activities around each child's developmental stages and their interests to support their development.

We have a lovely enclosed garden which we use to develop physical skills and allowing the children to explore the outdoors. We also regularly take the children for walks using our fantastic 6-seater stroller around the lovely village to see the animals such as the ducks, swans and birds on the lakes and to explore the local parks, fields and woodland to support the children's development. 





This room is a well set out room providing free flow in and outdoors throughout the day during all weathers. The room holds up to 17 children aging between 18months to 2 and a half years with 5 members of staff.

We plan and develop the interests for each individual child doing weekly observations. The children go out for walks a minimum of once a week exploring our lovely village and on occasions going for trips on the bus to local parks and towns also. 


This unit has two rooms taking children aged 2.5years to 5years old holding 36 children. It has been set out around the children's interest to promote and extend the child's development. The Inventors Room incorporates the EYFS 7 areas of learning for all the children with a dedicated area for each aspect. The children are encouraged to learn through play in our in and outdoors freely. 

We also have a programme for children that will be going to school the following academic year that ensure we are supporting the transition. Using a daily routine we find ways to promote independence and offer quieter, more focussed activities each morning.

Each key person plans individual and group activities each week using the children's interests and parents input to extend each child's learning to support them achieve set next step


Inventors .
Inventors .



















 Before & After School/Holiday Club

We offer a before and after school club for children aged 4 up to he age of 14 years of age. The room provides a relaxing and fun environment for the children to play with a variety of resources such as construction, ICT, painting and mark making all of their own choosing. Opening from 7:30 we offer the children a variety of breakfast cereals and toasts when they come in to give the children the best start to day, the children then have free play before they are taken to school either by foot or our nursery cars. We drop off and collect from 4 local school, once collected the children are given a small snack tea then free play with quieter spaces for homework too.

We provide a Holiday Club during the school holidays from 7:30-18:00 with planned activities everyday morning and afternoon. The activities include outings to cinema, parks, local nature walks, fishing and sports activities such as football, rounders and  rugby. The children also enjoy free play in the room as well as planned activities like bird feed making, cookery and baking and pottery painting also much much more!





 Soft Play 

We have a lovely indoor play area which has a soft play area alongside a large hall space which give children the opportunities to enhance their pyhsical development encouraging them to climb, crawl and run around in a safe space. We use this room for group activities too such as Music Sessions, listening games and focused activities. 


Soft Play
Soft Play























Soft Play Hall
Soft Play Hall










 Sensory Room

We are delighted to recently install a new sensory room in our building for all our children to explore and investigate. The room is equipped with soft padding, lights, buttons, sensory textures and bubble tubes which offers a lovely calming and stimulating area for the children to explore.









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